Preacher Season 1

Preacher – Season 1

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Episode 1

I wasn’t much of a serious comic book reader growing up. Batman and Spider-Man were about as far as I went and although I was aware of Preacher, I never actually read any of it. Consequently, I’ve not go idea whether this TV version of the comics is a faithful adaptation or they’ve completely screwed it up.


As a TV show though, I can tell you that Preacher is ambitious, fun and bat-shit crazy! An entity from space! An Irish vampire! A girl who makes (and successfully uses) a bazooka out of tin cans, duct tape and some little toy soldiers! There’s even a news scene announcing that Tom Cruise has exploded! These scenes are interspersed with those involving our central character, the troubled preacher played by Dominic Cooper, a one-time outlaw returning home to West Texas to take over his dad’s church.

It struggles at times in trying to introduce a lot of characters and keep the story moving along but the violent, dark and wacky tone is very promising and refreshing. From what I’ve heard of the comics, if this show continues to follow that and manages to successfully pull together all the elements introduced, it should be highly enjoyable! RATING: 4/5

Episode 2

Many shows tend to suffer from SED (Second Episode Drag) – introducing a whole host of characters and plot lines in order to hook us in during episode 1, ending on a cliffhanger, only to then slow things down in episode 2 so that they can start dragging it all out for as much of the remaining season as possible. I’ve seen a few new shows recently which have successfully avoided this (and a few which haven’t), and I’m pleased to say that Preacher absolutely, definitely, does not suffer from SED!

This episode continues to add layers to the characters introduced in episode 1, while introducing us to more. It continues to steadily build on the story while retaining a whole lot of mystery yet to be uncovered. It also continues to have hilarious graphic violence and some great character interaction. There’s a very slight dip from episode 1, which set the bar extremely high, and the pace has slowed a little. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing. I’m happy with things unfolding at a slower pace. Better Call Saul, currently one of the best shows out there, is a prime example of how to do that perfectly. And if Preacher continues to grip me and slowly but firmly pull me along for the ride in the same way, then I’m happy with that. Of course, there’s still always the chance of TED and FED (Third and Fourth Episode Drag)…😄 RATING: 5/5


Episode 4

I can’t even begin to describe or fully understand what the hell was going on in that opening scene! 😄

There’s still plenty of dark mystery surrounding some of our characters, particularly Odin Quincannon who features a lot more in this episode, and we’re clearly only scratching the surface where most of them are concerned too. Tulip is another character who we see more of, but still not enough to get a good understanding of, and she has an amusing encounter with Cassidy too, as he continues to provide the majority of the entertainment in this show.

There’s enough to keep me watching for now, but I definitely feel the show slipping in quality over the last couple of episodes. I really hope to be proven wrong in the coming weeks though as there’s a lot of potential here. RATING: 3/5

Episode 5

A few decent scenes, but this show is definitely slipping in quality now. This weeks opener is probably the best scene, returning to 19th century Ratwater and our mysterious bearded cowboy who was first seen at the beginning of episode 2. With it’s pale sepia tone, it’s dark and moody and gripping stuff. I get the feeling that this is something from the comics, beautifully recreated for the comic book fans to get excited about. It is exciting in a way – if it actually ever leads to something and reveals itself to have a point before everyone loses interest!

After that, the episode is pretty average all round. A lot of characters don’t really do very much, or if they do some of it seems uncharacteristic for what we’ve seen of them so far. Others are given a bit more screen time but apart from a shock ending, there’s not very much going on at all. Disappointing. RATING: 3/5 [su_pullquote align=”right”]”Preacher builds itself up through the final few episodes to end on a real high”[/su_pullquote]

Episode 6

“It’s probably about the towels…. It’s not…”

And so begins an amazing fight scene involving a Seraphim – an Angel of the First Order, a kind of female Terminator – Jesse, Fiore and DeBlanc. As each of them (except for Jesse) are killed, another version simply respawns and the bodies begin piling up in the small Sundowner motel room. It’s very funny, very well done and hugely entertaining. And that’s before Cassidy appears!

But before that all kicks off, we’re finally given some more information about what’s inside Jesse. It’s called Genesis (bit of a rubbish name according to Cassidy) and is the result of a forbidden liaison between a solider from heaven and a soldier from hell. Jesse still doesn’t want to give it back though…

Most of this takes place before the credits have even rolled and although the rest of the episode is a lot more solid than the last few have been, things obviously struggle to maintain the excitement of that opener. As usual, there are a fair few scenes involving dull character interaction but then right at the end – wow, what just happened there! Well, we can guess what happened if what Jesse was shouting is taken literally, but we don’t see it! We need details!! 😳

Some great threads of the story taken in very interesting directions this week. Really hope that momentum increases now. RATING: 3/5


Episode 7

This has got to be one of the most hit and miss shows around right now. Last weeks episode was a real hit. This weeks… a bit of a miss really. The last half picked up quite a bit, with some interesting flashbacks to Jesse’s past and Cassidy shockingly revealing his true self to Jesse, but otherwise… RATING: 3/5

Episode 8

Jesse has to defend his church from Odin and his employees who show up wanting to tear it down and build a food court. Each wave of attack proves unsuccessful, and provides some serious humour too. Eventually, it turns into a fun old day out for the townsfolk, complete with barbecues and games while they wait for the next round of killing. During a lull in proceedings, Jesse allows Fiore and DeBlanc to try another extraction of Genesis. They’re successful this time, but not for long!

When Odin announced that the final attack would be at night I was half expecting that to be the perfect time for Cassidy to appear and save the day, but he remains unseen throughout the whole episode. Although, we do get an unpleasant hint right near the end as to his whereabouts…

Hugely enjoyable episode. Preacher really seems to be finding it’s feet now. RATING: 5/5

Episode 9

It’s interesting to read back through my reviews for earlier episodes of Preacher. I keep banging on about how things really need to start coming together soon before I lose interest and how scenes such as those involving the cowboy look great but were beginning to become frustrating.

Well, patience definitely pays off! Things are coming together, we know a lot more about how the cowboy fits in, and it’s just a joy. The last couple of episodes have been ramping up the quality, fun and excitement and this just tops it all. RATING: 5/5


Episode 10

The countdown to Gods appearance in church on Sunday has begun… Yes, the season finale of Preacher is finally here!

We’re reminded of how much time is left until he shows throughout the first half of the episode. In the meantime, Cassidy suffers a brutal interrogation at the hands of the sheriff and Tulip and Jesse have a chance to settle the score with Carlos, the guy that screwed them over.

So, does God show up to church? Well, kind of….

The scene in the church is funny, entertaining and very unexpected. It also sets in motion some even more unexpected events around Annville and leads to Jesse, Cassidy and Tulip heading off on a road trip, all ready for season 2. And just when you start wondering what’s happened to the cowboy this episode, there he is – ending the show off perfectly.

So, after a blazing start and a slow middle, season 1 of Preacher has built itself up through these last few episodes to end on a real high, setting itself up nicely for some very interesting storylines  in season 2. I can’t wait.

Board Rating 4

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